Femilift Vaginal Laser

Vaginal mucosa and the tissue around vagina will get loose by time. This is called vaginal laxity. Pregnancy, vaginal birth, aging are the major factors which cause the vaginal laxation. Elastin and collagen ratio changes by time leading to the laxation and sagging of the tissue. Laxation not only causes problems like urinary incontinence, but also results in decrease sexual satisfaction, decrease the blood vessel support of the vaginal tissue, decrease sexual sensation, air coming from the vagina during the intercourse, decreased lubrication, vaginal dryness.

 Femilift Vaginal Laser

Thanks to the current technology, we may slow down the aging of the vaginal tissue and even corrects the sagging and laxity.

Femilift vaginal laser makes micro holes in the mucosa which ends up with sterile micro sized wounds. Laser will trigger the the fibroblasts migration to the wound area. Fibroblasts produce collagen. Collagen will tight the tissue. Laxity will be corrected. The angiogenetic property of the fibroblasts increases the blood vessels and this helps the sensation. The ruga of the vagina increases. The vagina would be shrunk. The decrease size of the vagina will help you feel the penile friction more. Increase sensation will help you achieve orgasm. The nearby tissue of the vagina like bladder and rectum will be effected positively by the femilift vaginal laser. The mil/moderate cystocele and rectocele is corrected by femilift vaginal laser. Interstitial cystitis, over active bladder, stress urinary incontinence, honeymoon cystitis, urethral laxity are corrected by femilift vaginal laser procedure. Some women complain about burning sensation in the entrance of the vagina during sexual intercourse. In my practice I see that this complaint resolves by femilift vaginal laser.

Femilift vaginal laser increases the blood vessels in the vaginal mucosa. This increases the lubrication of the vaginal mucosa. The flora of the vagina alter in good and chronic vaginitis or chronic vaginal yeast infection gets better after the femilift vaginal laser. Especially women at menopause will get benefit from femilift vaginal laser. Women who have great cancer treatment and can’t use estrogen hormone, would be more comfortable in the vaginal dryness after the femilift vaginal laser treatment.  

As femilift vaginal laser is a non invasive procedure, no post procedure restrictions are needed. The femilift vaginal laser tightening procedure takes 20 min average. We advise not to have sex one day before and five days after the femilift vaginal laser. The first one hour after the procedure you may feel some burning or stinging sensation but it will resolve. You may continue your daily life after the laser. Femilift vaginal laser needs to be done three session, each will be 4-6 weeks apart. I advise having one session every one or two years depending on your symptoms.

If you have cytitis or active vaginal infection we need to defer the procedure for later. If you would like to have femilift vaginal laser treatment in our clinic in Vadistanbul please feel free to call or WA +905326324034.