Cosmetic Gynecology Training Class

Cosmetic Gynecology Training Class Why you should attend our Cosmetic Gynecology Training Class: Everyday more and more women ask for cosmetic gynecology procedures. Doctors who help their clients with cosmetic gynecology procedures are expected to be knowledgeable in the field. Unfortunately, it is a universal fact that during the residency of gynecology and other medical disciplines, cosmetic gynecology does not exist in the curriculum.

Cosmetic Gynecology Training Class

By Cosmetic Gynecology Training Class you will:

  • Increase the variety of the procedures in your clinical practice,
  • Perform your procedures in your own clinic, no need for hospital visits,
  • Understand the basics of microsurgery,
  • Learn to deal with complications and client management,
  • Increase client satisfaction and,
  • Improve the quality of your procedures.

At the Cosmetic Gynecology Training Class which includes only 5 attendees per course:


  • Basic and advanced cosmetic gynecology techniques will be shared,
  • The training  will include 50% theoretical and 50% hands-on sessions and,
  • You will learn different device modalities.         

Cosmetic Gynecology Training Class is designed for: 

  • Obstetrics and Gynecologists,
  • Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons,
  • Medical Aesthetic Doctors and,
  • General Surgeons.

Cosmetic Gynecology Training Class will take place:

At our clinic in Vadistanbul Mall, Sariyer, Istanbul. 

Topics of the Cosmetic Gynecology Training Class are:

  • Composite reduction labioplasty, 
  • Treatment of vaginismus with botulinum toxin Injection,
  • Utilizing Ellman radiofrequency device in Cosmetic Gynecology,
  • Utilizing Femilift laser in Cosmetic Gynecology, 
  • Vaginal laser for vaginal rejuvenation, 
  • Vaginal laser for urinary incontinence,
  • Orgasm shot,
  • G-point filler injections,
  • Filler injection to labia majora,
  • Hymenoplasty,
  • Genital bleaching, 
  • Gynefix IUD insertion and,
  • Adapting loops into your practice.

For program venue, dates and queries, contact: 

Phone: +90-505-617-65-00