Gynefix: The brand new device for contraception

Gynefix: The brand new device for contraception. Motherhood is the most exited and given miracle to woman. But on the other hand, unintended pregnancy can be a nightmare. If you are not decided starting your family or done with your number of family members, you should use a contraception method. A good contraception method should be readily available, dependent to you not your partner, should have high contraception rate, should be free of side effect and after you stop using it you may conceive the next period. Even though there are plenty of contraception methods in the market, women are still suffering from finding a method which will be suitable for them.

Gynefix: The brand new device for contraception

Now, we would like to give you good news: Gynefix IUD.

Gynefix is a brand new copper IUD, which is suitable for all aged women. As it contains copper, it is free of hormones. Its unique property is that it fits all different shaped of uterus. The size of the uterus is big or small it fits all. The design is unique. There are four copper beads which are hooked up on the string. Top of the string there is a knot which is placed in between the uterine muscle fibers. This help the Gynefix to stay in place and it doesn’t migrate or fall out.

What is the way of Gynefix to protect from pregnancy?

Gynefix leaves copper to the endometrial surface. Copper has a spermicidal effect. It stops and kills the sperms. The sperm loose its ability to fertilize.

How long Gynefix prevents pregnancy?

Gynefix will protect you from pregnancy for 5 years.

May Gynefix be suitable for you?

Gynefix is designed for all different shape and  of uteruses. The copper beads are It has two different sizes. Women who did not give birth or have two kids we use 200 Gynefix. Women who gave birth to 3 and more babies we use 330 Gynefix.

How is the Gynefix insertion done?

Gynefix is insertion is painless and easy. You will stay in the position like you give smear test. The insertion takes 2 minutes. After the insertion you may continue you daily life. 1 hour after the insertion you may feel some cramps which ibuprofen will help. We advise against sex for one week for prevention of infection.

Will Gynefix change your periods?

 Gynefix will not effect your cycle. Your periods will continue on the dates as normal.

When will the Gynefix protection effect start?

Contraception effect will start immediately after the insertion of the Gynefix. You don’t need to use any other method while you have Gynefix.

What is the side effects of Gynefix? 

You may feel some pelvic cramp in the first week of insertion. Gynefix’s copper may increase the period bleeding in the first 6 months. The amount will only change slightly. In some women, copper may cause on and off spotting during the month. This is very rare among the Gynefix users. Your body will get use to copper and the spotting will not continue after 6 months.

When can you have the Gynefix insertion?

You may have Gynefix insertion any time of your cycle. You don not need to be on your period. Even on period or any normal time of the cycle you may have the insertion.

Can you replace Copper T or Mirena with Gynefix the same day fo removal?

If you have Mirena or Copper T and you would like to change it with Gynefix, you may have the exchange at the same session.  You don’t need to have any waiting interval for reinsertion.

How long after the birth you may have Gynefix insertion?

3 months after the vaginal birth or c-section, you may have the Gynefix insertion. Copper will not effect your breastfeeding.

Who cannot have Gynefix insertion?

 Women who have pregnancy suspicion should not have the insertion till they are sure that they are not pregnant. Women who had depo progesterone injection within the last 6 months can not have the Gynefix.

Can I have Gynefix insertion while my other cosmetic gynecology procedures?

If you plan to have orgasm shot, vaginoplasty, Femilift laser vaginal tightening, labiaplasty or any other cosmetic gynecology procedure with us, you may have Gynefix insertion at the same day.

How can you have the Gynefix insertion?

We do the Gynefix insertion in our Vadistanbul Clinic which is located in the Vadistanbul Mall.

You may email. or call +905056176500 for scheduling.