Hymen, Hymenoplasty; revirginisation

Hymen is a small mucosal thickness just in the entrance of the vagina. Actually it is an embryonic residue. All women have hymen. But each women have it in different shape and thickness. Because of this differences some women have bleeding at their first intercourse but some women even don’t recognize its existence and not have any bleeding. Unfortunately, bleeding related to hymen is considered as a proof of virginisation for centuries. This is an accepted tradition in eastern countries. I am against this pressure, burden, abuse on the women, and I am aware that there is not a way of this tradition be removed from the current system.

Hymen, Hymenoplasty; revirginisation

Woman can’t damage her hymen by herself, and intercourse is done by two people. But as a result of the male dominance of today’s world, no one asks a man if he is virgin. It is only asked  and expected from women.

I do hymenoplasty for years and I encourage women having a revirginisation surgery instead of sharing your secret with your love.

I perform two different types of hymen repair procedure.

1- Hymen repair for short term; this will cause absolute bleeding. After the hymenoplasty you should have the sexual intercourse within 3 days. The repair is not correcting the hymen for long period. In this surgery, I reunite the defected areas and use very delicate stitches which would not be recognized by the man. The entrance will become as narrow as the before the first sex. The bleeding is happened not because of the stitches, it is happened because of the cut I make on the mucosa. And because of the wound I made in the hymenal mucosa,   the bleeding will happen for sure.

The wound will heal in 7 days. You should have intercourse in the first 3 days after the procedure. The hymenoplasty might be done at the same day of the intercourse or 3 days before. You don’t need to do any wound dressing and no activity limitation is required. You may continue your daily life just after the hymenoplasty

2- Revirginisation is done for good. I mean after this surgery you will be virgin again. You may have sex even 2 years later and you will have the hymen bleeding. I correct the hymen as  in the original shape and no one even another doctor would recognize that you had a surgery. After this type of revirginisation, you should stay in the bed for 5 days. You will do the wound dressing and use antibiotic for 7 days. I check 3 weeks after the procedure and will inform you if the hymen healed properly. There is a 5% chance of not healing of the hymen. In that case I advise you to have the surgery of short term correction hymenoplasty variant.

Once the hymen is healed properly, you can continue your daily activity. The first 1 month after theis type of hymenoplasty there is a limitation for sport, exercise, swimming.

I do the hymenoplasty surgeries in my clinic under local  anesthesia. After the hymenoplasty you may go to your home. You will not feel any pain during the hymenoplasty.

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