May labiaplasty cause sexual sensation loss

I am receiving more and more questions regarding risk od loosing the sexual sensation after the labiaplasty procedure. Labiaplasty is the aesthetic and functional surgery of the inner lips of the vulva. The aim is having a good aesthetic result and increase the sexual satisfaction of the woman. The dorsal clitoral nerve is carrying the stimulus and sensation to brain during sex. This nerve is placed behind the clitoral hood. The nerve is attending first the posterior pudental nerve and then the pudental nerve which goes into S2-S4 in the sacral nerve plexus.

May labiaplasty cause sexual sensation loss

How the sensation loss related to labiaplasty can be avoided? 

This is a delicate surgery. It should be done by trained and experienced surgeons and the devices should be the unique devices specific for this area. Clitoral hood reduction, clitoroplasty surgery are very important surgeries. The posterior clitoral nerve should be avoided during surgery. Cutting the the clitoral tissue with cautery should be avoided. While the electrical cauteries coagulate or desiccate the tissue they also burn and thermal defect and this can be as big as 2cm  distance from the touched tissue. This means in that 2 cm area, all the nerves and the vessels and the intercellular matrix, everything would be destroyed. To avoid the thermal damage, suitable electric based devices should be used during the surgery.

The coagulation for bleeding with energy based devices should be done with cautious and excessive coagulation should not be done.

Some women reports that they only have inner lips repair not the clitoral hood correction and they complain about the orgam problem.

I have patients who had labiaplasty in other clinics and come to be examined because of the sexual orgasmic problems.

If the glans clitoris and the clitoral hood and the prepuce is not touched in the labiaplasty surgery, there won’t be any effect on the orgasm related to the inner lip reduction. In that case other reasons for orgasmic dysfunction should be sought.

Using medication like anti hypertension medication, antihistaminic medication, oral contraceptive pill may cause orgasmic problems. Smoking, alcohol consumption, caffeine consumption might cause orgasmic problems. Also hormonal changes in the body, relationship problems and vaginal laxity might be reason for the sexual dysfunction.

Which labiaplasty surgery technique  I perform in my clinic in Vadistanbul?

I do composite reduction labiaplasty procedure. This is a very uniqe and delicate technique and it is ended up a very aesthetic and functional results. %35 of women who had labiaplasty with this technique reports that they have easier and better climax and orgasm.

In the composite reduction labiaplasty, I not only correct the inner lips but for sure correct the clitoral hood. This helps the glans clitoris to be more close to the penis during sex and this increase the stimulation for orgasm.

How to make appointment for labiaplasty?

Yor may call +90-532-632-4034 or email: for making appointment.

Things to consider before the labiaplasty:

You should stop taking any blood  thinning medication before surgery.

You should shave the area one night before the surgery.

If you have any question about labiaplasty you may email us or WA: +90-532632-4034