Orgasm Shot

G spot injection helps your sexual satisfaction. How does it works? Clitoris is the organ responsible for orgazm. Actually it gets the sensation, the stimulus and carry it to the brain. It is like a transfer organ in betwee”n the brain and the penis. Orgasm is achieved by brain. Clitoris is not the organ limited to the vulvar area, it has different parts which is under the vaginal mucosa. The mucosa over the clitoris is very sensitive because there is very dense nerve web under it. The place where the highly sensitive nerves are placed called G spot. This area is so unique. The touch of this area triggers the brain satisfaction and having orgazm. Penile friction is very important for the stimulation of the nerves in G spot. Aging and giving birth may desensitize the nerves and decreases the mucosal surface which touches the penis.

Orgasm Shot

G spot injection is aimed to renew the cells and increase the surface of this unique location.

How long G spot injection takes? Is there any restrictions after g spot injection?

G spot injection is an outpatient procedure. G spot injection takes 45 minutes. It is a painless procedure. You may continue your daily life after the G spot injection. Some tingling sensation is normal for a couple of days.

After the G spot injection we advise not to have sex for 1 week.

Which products we are using?

We know how important this area for genital satisfaction and orgasm. Because of this we use best products which will preserve the characteristics of the G spot and help renew the nerves and vessels.

We use Regen Lab PRP cellular matrix kit for G spot amplification. Regen Lab cellular matrix has pure hyaluronic acid. This is free of BDDE. This will not damage the tissue. With PRP in the kit, it will boost the  rejuvenation of  the nerves and the vessels. It lasts for 1-2 years and you may have  renewal.

We also offer fat transfer for G spot amplification. We harvested the fat from the buttocks and after decreasing the size, we inject it into the G spot. This has  life long effect as the fat will survive in the area. If you feel decrease effect by time you may have renewal.

What is the price of the G spot amplification?

G spot amplification fee is 600-1000 dollar depends on the number of the boxes of kits used for you.

How to make appointment?

You may email or you may WA +905056176500.