Vaginismus treatment with botulinum toxin is effective and easy

Vaginismus is pelvic floor vaginal muscles spam. The spasm is known to be involuntary. There is a connection problem with the brain and the pelvic floor muscles. Even the brain gives the comment to relax, the muscles are contracting. The muscle spasm is so strong that it does not let the penis penetrate into the vagina. Even the penis penetrates this causes serious pain each time. Women who complain about vaginismus report that they feel like there is a wall in the entrance of the vagina which blocks penis/tampon/ finger penetration into the vagina. Because of the blocking sensation in the entrance of the vagina, most women think that it is caused by the hymen. They have the removal of the hymen for resolution, unfortunately hymen removal would do no effectin the vaginismus treatment.

Vaginismus treatment with botulinum toxin is effective and easy

What cause vaginismus?

            Now we understand that all the problem in the vaginismus is the spasm of the pelvic floor muscles. The reason of the spasm might be phycological or might because of the fear of penetration or might because of a trigger point problem in the muscles. The conclusion is the same; pain during vaginal penetration related to the spasm.

The solution of vaginismus is relaxing the muscles around the vaginal entrance.

For relaxation different techniques of treatments used. Mostly used techniques are phycological treatment and pelvic floor exercises for the physical treatment of vaginismus.

There are dozens of the clinical trials of the effect of physical treatments and physiotherapy and they are known to be %70 effective in the vaginismus treatment. They need frequent visits to the provider and home exercises need to be done. Generally the results are seen in 3-6 months period.

Botulinum toxin injection is a new, effective and quick treatment for vaginismus.

            Botulinum toxin is a medicine which relaxes the muscles.  If the botulinum toxin is injected  in the right pelvic floor muscles, there is no way that it would not relax the muscles. Relaxation occurs within 10 days after the injection.

            I do vaginismus treatment with botulinum toxin for more than 12 years. I am very happy to say that it is %100 effective.

            I do the botulinum toxin injection for vaginismus under general sedation. I don’t do it without sedation because, the muscles are very deep in the pelvic floor and if I do it without sedating the woman, it would be very painful and I would not reach the right muscle group.

I would not advise any woman having it without sedation.

            After the the botulinum toxin injection I do the local anesthesia injection into the vaginal muscles and then place the dilator in the vagina. After the woman awakens she will feel 0 pain and she starts the exercise with dilator which she would have not done it before.

Botulinum toxin effect will start in 2 weeks.

            After the 2 weeks period you may start the exercises for overcoming your fear of penetration and see that it is pain free. If you like you may try to have sex without exercise.

The only issue here is you should not push your husband or you should not panic and irritate him during the first tries of sex. As you, he suffers of this disease, it will be difficult in the first attempts of sex. When you have panic (even you don’t have pain)  he may consider that you are in pain and he will loose his concentration.  For your overcoming the fear, and understanding of the relaxation , I advise the dilator exercises after the 2 weeks of the botulinum toxin injection.

            Botulinium toxin injection for vaginismus will relax the pelvic floor muscles around the vagina, will resolve your pain and the vaginal entrance for the penis will be very easy. It will not effect your sensation in the vagina. You will still feel the penis in the vagina and will able to have orgasm. Botulinum toxin tays 6 months in the body and after it goes away, you will not have reoccurrence of  vaginismus problem.

Most of the women who have vaginismus problem also complains about the burning sensation in the entrance of the vagina. After the botulinum treatment this will resolve by time.

What is the side effects of the vaginismus treatment with botulinum toxin injection?

Vaginismus treatment with botulinum toxin doesn’t have any serious side effects. Botulinum toxin sits in the place where I inject it, it does not pass to blood stream. Botulinum toxin will not effect your period, will not effect uterus ovary or cervix. It doesn’t cause any urinary problem.

Would vaginismus reoccur after the botulinum toxin effect resolve?

With vaginismus treatment with botulinum toxin the negative cycle of involuntary spasm and the brain resolves. Even the effect of the toxin removes from the body, you will never have the same problem again. I cans ay that butlinaum toxin heals the vaginismus for sure.

How you may have the vaginismus treatment with botulinum toxin injection?

You may get in touch with us through WA 90-532-632-4034 or you may email  @doktorebruunal

We may arrange your intervention in your first visit. Being on your period is not a contraindication for the procedure.

We advise you to:

  • Stop any medication or herbs that may have a blood thinning effect
  • Come to the intervention fasting for 6 hour; no eating or drinking water and no smoking for 6 hours

After the procedure, you may continue your daily life. You will not feel pain after the procedure.

Please  feel free for any question about vaginismus treatment with botulinum toxin, we are ready to help you in our clinic in Vadistanbul Mall in Sariyer, Istanbul.