What is labiaplasty

Inner lips in the vulva are also known as labia minoras. Labiaplasty is the surgery to decrease the size and change the apparance of the labia minoras. Labiaplasty procedure is mostly done for cosmetic reason but for some women it may be a medicalley indicated procedure, which would effect the social and sexual life.

What is labiaplasty

Does labiaplasty reduce the feeling?

Labiaplasty is a surgery done to decrease the size of the innner lips and the clitoral hood. To do it the inner lips and the clitoral hood are cut by radiofrequency or laser. In an unexperienced hands the energey modalites might be dangerous and also if the surgeon is not familiar with the anatomy she may cut the clitoral nerves. If excessive coagulation or inappropriate surgical technique is used, the feeling, sensation of the genital area might be effected.

If you are planning to have labiapalsty procedure please be sure about the modalities used during the procedure, the technique of the labiaplasty and the experience of the surgeon.

I am using Ellman radiofrequency for labiaplasty. I want you know that labiaplasty is a surgery that  can’t be done with scalpel or scissor. And also it can’t be done with casual cauthery device. For perfect aesthethic outcome and  for fast healing radiofrequency is a must.

How much labiaplasty cost? How much labiaplasty cost in Turkey?

Labiaplasty surgery should include the inner lips reduction and also clitoral hood correction. Actually there is not two seperate surgery but labiaplasty cover both areas.

 I use composite reduction labiaplasty technique and the price of labiaplasty is 2500 dollar.

When labiaplasty is medically necessary?

Avarage length of inner lips are 2-4 cm and if it is more than 4 cm it is called labial hypertrophy.

If the inner lips gets swollen and ithchy, it causes the heaviness and itchness all the time it is medically indicated to decrease the size for relieving your symptoms.

What does a labiaplasty consist of?

Labiaplasty surgery consists of the correction of the inner lips, reducing the prepuce and clitoral hood and correcting the frenilum.

If all these steps are done in the labiaplasty surgery,  the end result will be very aesthetic and functional.  Composite reduction labiaplasty is also known as aesthetic and functional labiaplasty.

Do you want to have labiaplasty in Istanbul? How long you should stay in Istanbul after labiaplasty?

Labiapalsty procedure lasts for 2.5 hours. I do the surgery under local anesthesia and after the labiaplasty you may go to your hotel. To help the healing of the labiaplasty area, i advice you to rest at the hotel at least 4 days and then after you may travel back home.

If you are planning to have labiaplasty procedure in Istanbul you may get in touch with our clinic.