What to expect from desired vaginoplasty? Vaginoplasty decision is a very serious decision for you. I know you have lots of questions in your mind. Will it worth it? What kind of procedure the surgeon will perform? How much the vagina size become? Will I feel as before? Will vaginoplasty help me to have easier orgasm? Will my partner feel the difference after the vaginoplasty? How is the recovery period after vaginoplasty? Can I have vaginoplasty during my lipo or rhino surgery? Will there be relaxation again? These are some of the questions I receive from you via instagram or email.


I would like to answer all your questions regarding vaginoplasty in this article.

Giving birth and aging are the two main reasons causing the vaginal laxity. By aging, the elastin and collagen in the vaginal walls decreases and this causes the relaxation of the vagina, which causes the air sound coming from the vagina during sex, decreased orgasm and sexual satisfaction. Vaginal birth effects vagina in different way than aging. By vaginal delivery, the vaginal walls stretch which leads to the separation of the tissues, tears in the tissue and scar formation. All this may cause painful sex, unsatisfied sex, urine leak, vaginal laxity.

             Female sexual satisfaction achieved when the penile friction is felt by the woman. Desire vaginoplasty aims to increase penile friction in all four walls of the vagina.

Desire vaginoplasty corrects the vagina not only the entrance but the entire vaginal length. I planned the vaginal width size 3-4 cm after the vaginoplasty which will enhances the penis friction to the vaginal part of the clitoris and the vestibular tissue.

            The separation of the facial tissue under the vaginal mucosa causes rectocele and cystocele. During the vaginoplasty surgery I correct these defects and remove the excess tissue of the vaginal wall. During a vaginoplasty I start correction believe the cervix and correct all the vaginal walls till hymen.

 The vaginal entrance is called the perineum. Perineum consists of muscles and these muscles are attached in the middle. Birth may effects the separation of these muscles from the attachments of eachother. This leads to asymmetric and unaesthetic appearance of the vaginal entrance. Correction of perineum accordingly to the anatomy is very important. Over correction the muscles and the skin for making the vaginal entrance narrower,  will lead to unbearable pain during sex. Perineoplasty is a very important part of the desire vaginoplasty. Keeping the anatomy in mind, correction of the scarred and separated tissue is very important for the successful outcome. I also correct the separated deep perineal muscles like levator muscle.  If the woman agrees, I perform fat transfer for narrowing  the vaginal walls. I also do fat transfer to the vulva for rejuvenating the vulvar skin and make it look younger and plumper.

Desired vaginoplasty surgery takes 2-3 hours. I do it under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. One day hospital stay is required after the surgery. I give you pain medications and vaginal wound dressing medications. Dressing is a must for 7 days. You need to be in Istanbul for 3 days after the surgery. After 3 days you may have travel safely. 6 weeks sexual abstinence is crucial because we don’t want the stitches to be opened. You may have shower while standing after the third day.

The stitches will resolve spontaneously. You don’t need to have them removed. While the resorption of the stitches you may have some pinkish discharge which is normal. You may start your work 1 week  after the surgery. I advise to start exercise 4 weeks after the desired vaginoplasty.

After desired vaginoplasty, we don’t expect vaginal  relaxation again unless you have vaginal birth. If you feel relaxation due the aging after vaginoplasty, I advise once a year vaginal laser tightening just to top up.

I can perform you desired vaginoplasty during your planned rhino surgery or liposuction and body contouring surgery.

I have Cosmetic Gynecology Clinic in Vadistanbul, Sarıyer, Istanbul. I perform the surgeries in high rate hospitals.

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