What to expect from labiaplasty? Labiaplasty is the surgery done decrease the size of the inner labias. This surgery is done if the inner labias are big and causing problem to the woman. The enlargement of the labia minors are called labia minora hypertorphy. It may cause irritation, itching, increase vaginal discharge, pain during sexual intercourse. Big sizes of the inner labias may also cause lower self esteem. I met a lot of women saying that they always prefer having sex in the dark and they don’t let their partners to see their genitalias. Labia minora hypertrophy may also cause cosmetic problem to woman when they wear tight clothes or bikini. Women who decided to have labiaplasty should consider the recommendations written here before they decide where and whom to have the surgery with.


Labiaplasty is not only trimming the inner lips. The final result should increase the women sexual satisfaction and answer the cosmetic needs. Labias should be seen aesthetically good and functionally better after surgery. Because of this, I prefer to perform ‘composid reduction labiaplasty’ technique, described by Prof. Stefan Gress. In this technique, I correct not only the inner labias, but also I correct the clitoral level and clitoral hood region also corrected. So all the area of the labia minor and clitoral hood is corrected aesthetically. The technique requires microsurgical skills of the surgeon and also good equipment like radiofrequency device.

Please, do not forget that you can have labiaplasty only one time in your life. Yes, we correct botched labias related to bad surgeries but first surgery is the better result we got. Because of this, do not consider money the first reason for deciding the surgery. Holding the labias with clamps and cutting and putting stitches is not the labiaplasty which you will like to have.

Labiaplasty is a delicate surgery and you should have preoperative preparation and postoperative care.

If you are using any medication like blood thinning pills, vit E, omega, herbals you should stop them 10 days before the surgery. You should not have vaginal infection or vulvar abcess or infection before the surgery.

I perform labioplasty with local anesthesia. So you will not get sedation or general anesthesia and the procedure will be done in my clinic. I give you benzodiazepine pill 30 minutes before the surgery to decrease your anxiety. Please come to the surgery with full stomach. I do the surgery with local anesthesia which you will never feel any pain during the procedure. Before admission of local anesthesia, I make the painting of the surgical side with disinfectant and draw the surgery plan with a surgical pen. After local admission, there may be a slight swallowing but this will not effect the final result as I had already made my drawings.

Labiaplasty lasts 90 min. As mentioned before, I correct all the area which includes labiaplasty and hoodoplasty or clitoral hood reduction. You may go to your home after the surgery free of pain. I give some pain medications to take at home which will help you really good for the pain. Most of my patients report that they did not even feel any pain the first day.

Sex is not allowed for 6 weeks. Cycling and riding also not allowed for 6 weeks. Please do not sctrach the area for the first 3 weeks. The first week, surgery area would be swallowed but it will decrease after 1 week. You should do dressing twice a day for 1 week and will not have shower for 4 days.

Women, who have composed reduction labioplasty, report that they get orgasm easier after the surgery. With this technique and devices you will never have sensation loss but able to have better and easier orgasm. 

I perform labioplasty for more then 10 years. Since 2018, I use composid reduction labioplasty technique. I can say for sure that this technique is far superior then wedge resection or trimming methods. The aesthetic and functional result is perfect.

Repeating again but because it is important, you have only one chance for labioplasty and please have it in good hands with good devices and surgical skills. Genitalia is the only organ for created to have satisfaction and joy. You should be cautious when you decide where to have your surgery.

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